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Specializing in the production of handmade luxury custom furniture for residential and commercial use, we believe that by using traditional methods and techniques, our exemplary craftsmanship will speak for itself and last a lifetime. We also believe it is important to be a part of and support the local community.

The work is outstanding! Nothing but the best from Sean.
— Previous client
Sean’s work is perfect! Such attention to detail.
— Previous Client

Coast to Coast

Growing up in California, I always knew I wanted to design and build furniture. So at the age of 15, with a strong desire to learn the craft, I entered the Baulines Craft Guild furniture program and apprenticed under the legendary woodworker, Art Espenet Carpenter. After my apprenticeship I worked in several shops absorbing every bit of knowledge I could about furniture making and cabinetry. In 1994, I was offered a position at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco to restore the elegant woodwork and cabinetry in the more than 100 year old Beaux Arts-style national treasure. With this experience in hand, I began working on a multi-million dollar estate in Sonoma County which was the benchmark of my craftsmanship pushing me to open my own business.

In 1999, McKenzie Cabinetry & Fine Woodworking was officially open for business. The shop specialized in the production of high-end custom cabinetry and furniture for residential and commercial customers in San Francisco.

In 2003, it was time for a move, so my daughter and I packed up and moved to the east coast. Saint Petersburg, Florida is where we now call home. It’s here I was able to take on my dream project of restoring a 1920’s Arts and Crafts bungalow. With all the years of fine woodworking experience in restoration with Craftsman-style cabinetry and furniture, I had the wind at my back. At the same time, I reopened McKenzie Cabinetry to serve the public with well-designed meticulously-crafted woodwork. 



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